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This is the Beginner's Guide of Wetfjord. First of all, thank you for joining the server.

First joining Wetfjord

To get things started: You spawn in the town of Blockholm, but most of the members refer it just as spawn. It is located at X290 Y70 Z290, pretty easy to remember.

As you spawn, right in front of you are some rules. Those are pretty self-explanatory: Do NOT grief or hack. Be nice towards other members.
The rulesboard of Wetfjord.

It is also pretty handy to read all the server-based messages, since those include handy tips. Going further on the spawn subject, the building where you first spawned (Noticable by the dome on it's roof) is the station. Here you have easy access to the Nether Hub which we will talk about that later.

In the spawn area are some pretty nice builds to see, including: the Uppsala Domkyrka (a gigantic church), a monestry and some other decent builds.

Access to the rest of the Server

Like this guide has mentioned before there is a Nether hub in this server. Go to the basement of the station at spawn and go through the portal. From there you are in the hub. Inside the hub are all kinds of shops that members have established. The currency of the server is mostly diamonds, but that depends on what the shopowner wants. What is also important is that the hub has pathways leading towards many places of the server: Bases, towns, monuments, etc. They are all worth it to see.

Getting started

One question we get all the time is: 'where can I build?' The anwser on that is pretty easy: you just go into the wild, find a nice spot and go building. however 'check your surroundings for nearby bases! If there are playermade structures ask the maker if you can build in the area. A great tool to use is the render [1] which is updated live with builds people make

We hope this guide has been useful for you. If you need help, you can contact us on our discord channel or if there are any of us staffmembers online.

Dive deeper in the Wetfjordpedia

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We wish you a good time on the server! Yours truly, The Wetfjord Staff