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After having conquered the vast Lands of his single player world, LLE2 decided that he would join a multiplayer server. Along with Gabeladela1, (his partner in crime) he applied to the so called "wetfjord" server.

History Behind The Man

After having joined wetfjord, Gabeladela1 and he had ventured out in the vast Lands of wetfjord. It took them days to find a place to settle, as they were looking for a Jungle biome. When they had finally found a place to settle, they had planned to build a pyramid. But due to the lack of labour and resources, they were not unable to finish the grand pyramid. After realizing that he would not be the Emperor of an ancient civilization, he took to a more "modern" to the whole Emperor thing. After having traveled a day or two, LLE2 had found a sand beach with the most beautiful sand crystals, there he built his settlement, that would one day become an industrial super power. The settlement has yet to become an industrial super power, but LLE2 has recently begun an "agricultural revolution". This might be the first step toward conquering wetfjord, he. Since then, his long lost Comrade, Gabriel has joined him on his quest to become an industrial super power.

The Curse

Upon building the foundations of his new settlement, LLE2 could not help but notice, that something was wrong. At night, things would come to life. Not just petty foxes or wolves, no. It was far worse. There were monsters haunting his settlement, LLE2 has begun building a wall to hold these creatures at bay, but it has yet to succeed. LLE2 does not believe in fairy tales, but he believes in witch tales. LLE2 believes that a witch(maybe more) has cursed his village. A man once visited his village wearing a shiny diamond plate, no doubt was he a sorcerer. The man asked him, if he had built the wall using a texture pack, but whom would corrupt what the Lord intended for it to look like? Only a witch would suggest that. Once LLE2 has become an industrial super power, he will seek vengeance upon those witches whom have harmed him.

The Settlement

"I started this settlement out of pure desperation, I felt as if I was being taken advantage of everywhere I went. I wanted to change that."

He says, as he lights up a cigar.

Picture of the path leading to LLE2's cozy manor
The view of Gabeladela1's cottage

The Man Himself

Ending this short, yet informative biography, I think we can conclude that LLE2 is the perfect one to rule this settlement.

Picture of the man himself, showcasing that he is indeed ruthless, but also merciful