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Screenshot of the server spawn.

The Spawn area, also known as Blockholm, Is the first area ever loaded on Wetfjord. The area itself is older than the rest of the server (created in 1.6ish, march 2013) During the existence of the server it has been build, and rebuild and continues to be renovated and modified. (see the gallery for an impression of the history of the spawn) As such, it happens quite often that renovations stumble upon long lost rooms and chests, some of them laying there for a few years! During holidays (most recently halloween and christmas) the spawn gets decorated in the theme of that particular holiday


The spawn has several facilities that are usefull for all members:

  • The rules board
  • Several community farms (an Iron farm, a chorus farm, etc)
  • A newsreport wall
  • The station: which houses a network of railways heading towards several nearby areas. Access to the Nether hub is also located here.

Some other impressive builds are also located nearby including

  • The Uppsala Cathedral
  • Hansi Monastery
  • The Jungle Village

And many more.


  • Spawn is a lightning rod for grieving, mostly firebased grieving.
  • During Halloween 2016, the spawn was attacked by hordes of pumpkin-wearing armorstands and a vampire dolphin.
  • During Christmas 2016, the spawn was visited by Santa Dolphin. There also was snow in a 400 block radius around spawn, a christmas tree, and various decorations!