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Here i will put routines and important information for the moderators of our minecraft server.

When commands are explained everything within brackets AND the brackets itself are replaced with the relevant text. For example if you want to message me ingame the explanatory would be /tell [PLAYER] [MESSAGE] The message you type ingame would be /tell vbownswow hello!


If you find any griefed stuff check who has done it with:

/lb logblock

and check the affected areas. Notice that you can also check if people stealed from chests by right clicking them with the block. If it's done by tnt or something like that you can check the following:

/lb lookup area [radius of blocks]

if it's a high traffic area you can specify the time, for example:

/lb lookup area [radius of blocks] since [number of days]d

It could be that it's just fire from a lightning strike, in that case you can roll it back by using the following:

/lb rollback player fire since [number of days]d area [radius of blocks]

If you know that a player has griefed in one area and you want to know if the player griefed more areas you can check that & teleport to those locations by doing the following:

/lb lookup player [player] coords

you will get a lot of results, if you want to check the next page just enter:

/lb page [pagenumber]

If you want to teleport to those locations just use:

/lb tp [number specified in the list]

Rollback player griefing

After you have found all areas affected by griefing i want you to first write a log file before rolling back and banning the player. You do this the following way (include the coords):

/lb writelogfile [parameters] - Please be careful! Only use this with some kind of restriction in the parameters, for example "since 5d" or "area 25" because otherwise the logfile includes everything the user has ever done on wetfjord


/lb writelogfile player vbownswow since 5d area 20 coords

Now to the rollback:

/lb rollback player [player] since [days ago the griefing happened]d area [radius of the blocks around you that have been griefed]


When a player has griefed ban him/her the following way:

/ban [player] [reason]

After that, try to notify me in some way that we have had a griefer.