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Wetfjord has a couple of areas that are of interest to everyone. Here we try to list them all. We have three categories "the Overworld" "the Nether" and "the End".

The Overworld

Spawn Located at: 265,68,273.

The Banyard A cemetery where banned people are located, located at: 546,70,288

The Jungle Village started by LordMetarex, ShootingStar96, Misty24 and Flodder450,located at: 444,66,111.

Whimsy Town An amusement area started by Harmsy, located at: 1988, 65, -4084

Fenrir Arena A pvp arena built by FenrirWarrior, located at (280,-195). (Rumors have heard that there are more arenas in the world, we need to find them all!)

The Corrupted Lands An area affected by a servercrash in early 2016, causing the chunks to get placed all over the place.

New Sweden founded by addetorsk late december 2016, is a fast growing town.

Screenshot of the server spawn.

The Nether

The Nether Hub is located in the nether at 18,34,33 this is the central hub of the server, where you can buy stuff in shops or take shortcuts to other peoples bases. Most people meet up here to trade. There is also a wall with a big map of the spawn area.

Some of the contributors who helped rebuild the hub:




The Shopping Area is located all around The Nether Hub. It contains many shops ranging from Logs to Elytra.

A list of shops in the shopping area:

Some shops are currently in the process of being build, they will be listed here once opened.

The End

The Enderman Farm is located at 261 57 -32 here you can farm XP and Enderpearls.