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rare photo of gabeladela1 on a boat

gabeladela1 is a player on, his name is a play on his real name. His skin is a zombie with white glasses. In an exclusive interview with gabeladela1 he revealed that the white glasses are supposed to resemble the glasses Lil Yachty wears.

Starting out on Wetfjord

When gabeladela1 started he was with LLE2, they both applied to the server at the same time and are friends. They were going to build a jungle temple, tried to find a jungle biome for days.

Abandoning the jungle temple

After settling and starting on the temple no progress was made, LLE2 had a hiatus and Gabe officially abandoned the project and ventured east of their temple and started a bigger project; Schloss Anif.

Schloss Anif

Render view of the castle

Schloss Anif is an austrian castle that gabe was working on recreating in minecraft. In yet another exclusive interview he told us that the castle will most likely never be finished, It's 90 percent finished on the outside, 5 percent on the inside. He made the castle in a resource pack that made the stonebrick/stone lighter but he says he's pretty happy with how it looks default. When asked if he's going to continue on the project: "I'm probably going to take a break from this lol" stated by gabeladela1 2016-07-10.

Schloss Anif dispute Recently LLE2 got back on the server after his long hiatus. settled down east of the Schloss Anif, gabeladela1 has since then temporarily abandoned the castle to build a settlement with LLE2 under some wierd circumstances. LLE2 has mentioned several times that he's against witchcraft, this means he does not use enchantments, diamond armour, redstone or anything nether related. He claims that the Schloss Anif caslte has been built by a witch: "No castle that big can float" gabeladela1 has yet responded to the claims.

Currently situated

Where gabeladela1 currently lives under LLE2's regime.

gabeladela1 lives in LLE2's settlement where he is starting up fresh, taking a break from the castle. We don't know much about the situation but we have located his residence.