About the Arma 3 server

A bunch of pleople here on Wetfjord play Arma 3, and this led to the idea of creating a wetfjord Arma 3 server in 2016.

Joining the Server
Since Arma 3 is a teambased infantry simulator and not an open world game like Minecraft, the gaming experience is increased by the number of people playing at the same time. This naturally means that some form of organization is needed to get everyone online at the same time.

Right now we usually play at weekends mostly sunday nights but sometimes also on saturday or any other day of the week.

To join the Arma 3 server you will need some things.

First of all, the game Arma3, expansions are not needed but they are recommended (available on the Steam workshop)

Teamspeak3, this is how we communicate while playing. The teamspeak server name is also, just leave the password field empty.


Two modifications to Arma3 that allowes you to play as/or against the Russian Ground Forces, Russian Air Force, Russian Internal Troops, US Army, US Marine Corps, US Air Force and US Navy units.

After you have made sure to get these things working you can connect to the Arma3 server using direct connect by simply typing as the server name and 2302 as the port.

If you have any problems or questions regarding Arma3, feel free to contact me.