Rules & FAQ

The rules are simple: dont be a jerk to people, no griefing, stealing, or xraying. It’s OK to take from farms as long as you replant. Common sense is important.

I live in [insert country] do i have to worry about lag?

The server is hosted in Sweden. However that doesn’t really matter because we have people playing from all over the world without issues. We have several people from the US, Sweden, Libya, Japan and many more.

Which plugins do you use?

We use a few non-gamechanging plugins. Here is a list of them:

  • Logblock – used for tracking & rolling back in case of griefing
  • WorldGuard – used for pvp areas & to disable creeper block damage
  • WorldEdit – used together with logblock / worldguard
  • Dynmap – used for the real time render found here
  • Statistics – used for gathering statistics of the server, from playtime to most pvp kills you name it. You can find the statistics here

Is Wetfjord accessible with a cracked client?

No, Wetfjord is a premium server.