About our Minecraft server

This server was the beginning of Wetfjord Universe, originally this website was to be a showpiece for just the minecraft server, but now has grown to include information for all of our servers!

The minecraft server has had the same map since april 2013, this map was originally used as a SP world by Vbownswow, before being used as a LAN world, and finally being put online in early 2013.

We have many cool projects, such as the Underdome, the Uppsala Domkyrka, Abusement park and much more!
The community is small but close, we like to crack jokes and sometimes do events. The overall feeling of the server is “chill”. Here you can hang out just to chat a bit, or build some serious projects.

Our rules basically boil down to “Dont be a dick and enjoy minecraft!”.

There are now around 40-ish active people on the whitelist and we are looking for more fun players to join us! We sometimes hold events, such as End raids, mario kart like racing and christmas! Many more of these type of events are to follow!
Ages on the server vary a lot. Generally the players are around 20 years old but we do have players as young as 12 & as “old” as 50! We like to crack a joke once in a while, but we also have our serious moments ?

The community is really the thing that makes Wetfjord special, even when we dont play people chat in the Discord daily! We welcome new people and look forward to you enriching the community! It’s totally okay if you are not that social though, we wont bother you. As long as you have fun we are happy!

The server is a whitelist-enabled survival server with zero game-changing plugins! (we do have a render and a statistics plugin though.) Auto backups are enabled, so you don’t have to be afraid of griefers. Creeper block-damage is also disabled.

We have our own Discord bot made by incognition#0678 with several cool features like cross-talk from Discord to in-game, and vice versa. You can also view some stats, generate live render screenshots by using coordinates right from Discord!

We have a real-time render! You can find it here!