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Want to help wetfjord?


Here is the button to donate some money for the Minecraft server hosting if you want to. All donations are used for the costs of hiring the VPS where wetfjord resides. Thanks for donating!

Note: if you don't have paypal you can donate with credit card through the same link. Just fill out how much you want to donate, click next & follow the instructions (small link to "pay with credit card")

About those bugs the last 12 hours

Wetfjord had some problems the last 24 hours, inventory bugs @ the minecraft server & this webpage wasn’t working. After some head scratching i found out that the server’s hard drive was full because of the automated backups.

I downloaded the backups, & rebooted the server. This fixed all problems.

If you got some duplicated items in your inventory, consider yourself lucky, it’s yours to keep.


Sorry for the inconvenience.

/The host