As everyone probably knows by now the release date for 1.9 is set to 25 February 2016. Unfortunately this server relies on some plugins to make it work properly, like logging plugins for anti-griefing, and the render plugin. Because of that, you can’t update to 1.9 on the release date.  We will have to wait for the plugins to update first, this will probably take a week or 2.

We won’t reset the nether or overworld. We will however reset the end because of the new features and because we havent defeated the dragon anyway. I consulted the players and they all agreed to it.  We also agreed to raid the ender-dragon together. More information will come about that later, but if you want to join the raid, please fill in the form at the bottom of this page.

Other wetfjord news

I have made a wetfjord subreddit and a wetfjord twitter, they are rather new and empty right now, but it might be a good idea to follow those 2 in case of the Wetfjord server crashing (because then this website will go down too!)

Link to the Wetfjord twitter: http://twitter.com/wetfjord
Link to the Wetfjord subreddit: http://www.reddit.com/r/wetfjord

Tolakamee has made an awesome logo for wetfjord, this logo will be used on all the wetfjord stuff from now on. We really needed one and i’m very grateful that Tolakamee  took the time to made one. Thanks!

New logo made by Tolakamee

The feedback page has given some good feedback and i have considered it all. Because of that i have upgraded the render to dynmap that renders automatically, no more waiting for the lazy admin to update the render!
Another suggestion was a picture gallery with user submitted pictures, i’m working on that right now. More information will come about that later.

That’s all the info i got for now. Game on!