I was a bit conflicted whether i should post this here, or on a new domain with a completely new blog as i so far only have posted things related to the Minecraft server here. But this being a pretty website and a good showcase of what i’m capable of i decided on posting it here. Perhaps in the future i will post personal ramblings more frequent.


The social network

Have you heard about that? It’s a movie about how Facebook was born and how Mark Zuckerberg became a millionaire. It also displays how  a good idea can grow fast in the tech world. I saw the movie when it came out and recently watched it again when it became available on Netflix.

Somehow it inspired me much more now than when i saw it a few years ago. The coding, the dedication of Zuckerberg, the fast phased expansion of the website, or how he brought down the Harvard network with his other website even before he had come up with Facebook.

It also made me think about where i’m right now. I’m a soon to be 21 year old dude that is doing a masters in electrical engineering. I enjoy coding,  i love servers and networking. I host a Minecraft server and this website just for shit’s and giggles. In my free time i enjoy drinking beer and hanging out with friends, but what i enjoy even more is learning more about coding, computers, networks & software development.

Maybe that’s why i’m right now enrolled in both a C and a java programming course on top of my masters. I always want to learn more. I want to make things. Explore, see where my limit is. Make software & hardware that makes life easier for me and the people around me. Most of the time i don’t have enough knowledge for my ideas, and instead of giving up i acquire that knowledge one way or another. Technology is amazing, the sky isn’t even the limit anymore.

There aren’t many people of my age that host their own server. Even less people do it for as long as i have been doing it. And that makes me dream. Maybe someday i will be able to make a living of this great curiosity in tech. Maybe i will come up with an amazing idea and start my own company. Maybe, someday, i will be the next Zuckerberg. But until then i will carry on with my small idea’s & projects, and just enjoy the ride.