Exactly one year ago i started tracking statistics of the Minecraft server, mostly just for fun, but also so that i would have some sort of measurement of how much people actually played at the server. It has been really interesting to see all the statistics grow. Because we have now tracked for a whole year i will post some interesting stats:

The past year we have played for a total time of 1 year, 143 days, 22hours, 54 minutes and 53 seconds (at 13.34 GMT+1)

And walked 56 000 000 meters, which equals about 2.6 times the length of the great wall of China. If you walked that distance at the equator you would have made it about one and a half way around the globe.

We admins have flown about 1 720 000 meters, which is about a thousand miles. We wouldn’t walk a thousand miles just to be the man that walks a thousand miles to fall down at your door, (hint: its a popular song) we fly instead. LAAAZYYYY.


Other interesting facts are that the badmin has been killed the most in pvp battles, a wholesome 50 times i have died (thats 1/5 of all pvp deaths). The most dangerous player is LordMetarex with 40 kills.


The block that we have destroyed the most is quite unsurprisingly stone, which 2 054 000m^3 of has been broken.  This roughly equals the volume of 2 empire state buildings.


I’m looking forward to present you guys even more juicy statistics next year.