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Temporary stop on accepting new people to the Minecraft whitelist

Alright  your latest status update from Wetfjord:

We have temporarily put a stop on accepting new people on the whitelist. The last 2 days have caused a BIG boom in new players on Wetfjord and while it is nice with new people we dont want the small and cozy community feel to go away. The last 2 years wetfjord has steadily grown and we have now hit a point where it is “a bit too much”. To keep Wetfjord the awesome place that it is right now we felt that we had to take action.

If you have IRL friends (in real life) that you want to add to the whitelist just contact one of the admins Harmsy LordMetarex Flodder450 or me vbownswow because we still accept those applications.

Now we hope that the big wave of new people slows down a bit, if it doesn’t help with how many people we are online at a time we will take other measures.

Thank you for your understanding,

Your proud admin, and owner of Wetfjord


Important Wetfjord news and information about 1.9


As everyone probably knows by now the release date for 1.9 is set to 25 February 2016. Unfortunately this server relies on some plugins to make it work properly, like logging plugins for anti-griefing, and the render plugin. Because of that, you can’t update to 1.9 on the release date.  We will have to wait for the plugins to update first, this will probably take a week or 2.

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